The Tork Kratos electric motorcycle will launch later this month, it will give the Revolt RV400 competition!


The Tork T6X electric motorcycle has been in development for a long time and recently this electric bike was seen racing on the roads. From this, it was speculated that this electric two-wheeler will launch in India soon. Now, Tork has confirmed that Tork’s new electric bike is ready to launch in late January. The company has also announced that the new Made in India electric motorcycle will come under the new name of Kratos and will also have several changes compared to the T6X concept.

The Tork Kratos electric motorcycle will launch later this month.

Tork, in which Bharat Forge has a major stake, will launch the Kratos electric motorcycle at the end of January. The company has also reported that delivery of this electric bike will begin within a few months of its launch. Torque Motors has been working on this bike for many years, and during this time it has been proven on the roads many times.

However, Torque says that a lot of changes have been made to the bike compared to the initial prototype. This bike will come with the company-developed LIION battery pack, which is designed for more power and more range. Apart from this, the Kratos electric motorcycle will also be equipped with functions such as fast charging, data service and 4G telemetry.

Tork says: “After years of research and development, we are ready to introduce India’s first electric motorcycle, the Kratos. Not only has the name not been changed, it is a brand new motorcycle compared to the T6X.” .

In giving information about the technology, the company has said that this electric bike includes the signature TIROS (Torque Intuitive Response Operating System), which has been developed to provide the best riding experience to urban commuters. Apart from this, Tork Kratos also includes advanced features like power management, technical analysis, real-time power consumption, range forecast, etc.

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