TikTok number one in app downloads, Netflix, Google Map, Spotify top its category

TikTok number one in app downloads. The TikTok app has become the most downloaded app in 2021. According to a report, Tiktok had 656 million downloads this year. After that, Instagram, Facebook (now Meta), WhatsApp, and Telegram were the most downloaded. Netflix is ​​at the forefront of entertainment apps in terms of category distribution. Shopee is at the top of the shopping apps. Amazon didn’t even get a spot in the top 3 this time. Google Maps topped the category for travel apps, while Spotify ranked first in music and audio apps. The number of downloads of these applications is indicated by adding downloads from both the Apple application store and the Google Play store.

TikTok number one in app downloads, Netflix, Google Map, Spotify top its category.

Latest from Apptopia Report Here is a list of the most downloaded apps globally. The distribution has been made by categories in the report. Tiktok is the most downloaded social media app. It was followed by Instagram with 545 million downloads, Facebook with 416 million downloads, WhatsApp with 395 million and Telegram with 329 million. Snapchat was downloaded 327 million times, while Zoom and Spotify were downloaded 30 and 203 million times, respectively.

Subway Surfer was the most downloaded game with 191 million times, followed by Rolox with 182 million downloads. Bridge Race had 169 million downloads, Xerina Free Fire 14.4 million and Among Us 15.2 million downloads. PUBG Mobile and Battlegrounds Mobile India did not find a place in the top 10. Netflix had 173 million, YouTube 166 million, Google Play Games 131 million, Disney Plus 126 million, and Amazon Prime Video 120 million downloads.

Speaking of shopping apps, Singapore-based Shopee was the most downloaded with 203 million times. Shein was followed by Shein with discharges of 19 million rupees. India’s marketplace and reseller platform Meesho ranked third with 153 million downloads. Amazon became the most downloaded shopping app in 2020, but this time it ranked fourth with 148 million downloads. Flipkart was downloaded 93 million times and ranked fifth.

TikTok number one in app downloads

The list of social media apps remained the same as the general list. However, Snapchat took Telegram’s place at number five with 327 million downloads. McDonald’s topped the food and beverage category with 116 million downloads. Google Maps had 10.6 million, Uber 94 million and Booking.com 63 million downloads.

The cryptocurrency segment was quite popular in 2021. Among the apps downloaded in this segment, the Binance app was downloaded 64 million times, Crypto.com 41 million, and Coin base 40 million times. Similarly, PayPal had 10.6 million, Google Pay 82 million, and PhonePe 79 million downloads. Spotify topped music apps with 203 million downloads, Reso 84 million, and YouTube Music 79 million times.

On dating apps, Tinder was downloaded 67 million times, Bado 35 million, and Bumble 22 million times. During the Corona period, a large number of people worked from home and for this reason also the downloads of business applications increased. Zoom was downloaded 300 million times, Google Meet 192 million, WhatsApp Business 143 million, and Microsoft Teams 141 million times.

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