Tomorrow the biggest day of the world’s largest telescope in space, the mission will start again


NASA’s James Webb Telescope is going through some important phases in space. NASA engineers are working hard to implement key instruments and tools on this telescope. These instruments include the telescope hood and secondary mirrors. The latest information is that tomorrow, that is, Saturday, the main camera of this telescope will be displayed. With this deployment, the important task related to the most powerful telescope ever sent into space will be completed. After completing this process in space, this telescope will begin its mission. The $ 10 billion James Webb Space Telescope (about Rs 75,330 crore) is the largest telescope ever built. Its purpose is to help astronomers make successful discoveries.

The world’s largest telescope in space.

This James Webb Space Telescope project has been jointly initiated by NASA, the European Space Agency, and the Canadian Space Agency. This telescope was launched on December 25 from the Ariane-5 rocket. After being launched into space, this telescope began to slowly open up. It is now in its final stage. Scientists are controlling this entire process. However, the deployment of telescope equipment has to change many times.

NASA has said it will broadcast live coverage of the final hours of the most important deployment of the James Webb Space Telescope. Based on Indian time, it can be viewed from 7:30 pm The live broadcast is expected to end around 12 pm After this, NASA will hold a press conference. Both the livestream and the media briefing can be viewed on the NASA website.


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