The Jetour X-1 car equipped with Huawei’s autonomous driving technology will compete with Tesla!

Jetour Motors has announced a hybrid car that will be equipped with the autonomous driving system from Chinese tech giant Huawei. The name of the car is Jetour X-1 and it is a hybrid SUV crossover. Huawei’s autonomous driving assistance system is called Huawei L3. This technology allows the Jetour X1 to drive itself, like some Tesla electric cars that come with Tesla’s own autonomous driving system. Tesla calls this autopilot mode.

The Jetour X-1 car equipped with Huawei’s autonomous driving technology

By Gizmochina according to While the Jetour X-1 hybrid car can be driven alone in many situations, it will be controlled by the driver in certain circumstances. The Jetour brand is a subsidiary of the Chinese conglomerate Cherry Automobiles and the X-1 car of this brand is built on the ‘Kunlun’ platform developed by Chery. Being a hybrid car, this car can run on both fuel and electricity. Built on the Kunlun platform, the vehicle comes equipped with the latest technology such as Smart Cockpit 3.0 and Healthy Cockpit 4.0.

The Jetour X-1 car also comes with an all-wheel drive variant, which has a single rear-mounted motor that supports 9 different modes such as Pure Electric Drive, Extended Range Mode Drive, Parallel Mode Drive, Engine Direct Drive. . Through some of these modes, the driver can choose between electrical and fuel efficiency according to their needs.

The car is also very attractive to look at. In this one, a different radiator grille has been given in front of the grille seen on normal vehicles. There is a slim LED DRL along with the hood, giving it a sharp look. At present, the company has not disclosed its specifications. Other than this, it is also unclear when it will be released.

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