Tesla opens China showroom, US organization threatens to close


Tesla decided to open its showroom in China’s Xinjiang province, but with its announcement, the company faces criticism from the US trade and rights group. With this, Tesla has joined companies that have previously been involved in controversies about doing business in China.

Tesla opens China showroom

According to the Reuters news agency, Xinjiang province has in recent years become the center of conflict between Western governments and China, as UN experts and human rights groups estimate that Uighurs, including Muslim minorities , they are more than a million. More members have been incarcerated in camps there. However, China has denied allegations of forced labor or other abuses in the province, saying the camps provide vocational training and that companies must abide by the policy there.

The US electric car maker on its official Weibo account announced on Friday the opening of a showroom in Urumqi, the capital of Xinjiang province. In its Weibo post, the company wrote “We meet in Xinjiang on the last day of 2021.”

Then on Tuesday, the largest advocacy organization between the United States and Muslims, the Council on American-Islamic Relations, criticized the move, saying that Tesla was “supporting genocide.” Let us tell you that the United States calls the treatment of Uighur and Muslim minorities in China genocide. The dispute between some other countries, including the United States and China, has become so deep that these countries have also decided to boycott the Beijing Winter Olympics to be held in China in February.

The American Council has clearly written in a tweet on its official Twitter account that “Elon Musk will have to close the Tesla showroom in Xinjiang.”

Similar criticisms have come from the US trade group Alliance for American Manufacturing and US Senator Marco Rubio, the report says.

Tesla already has a factory in Shanghai and is also working to increase production amid growing demand for Tesla in China.


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