South Korea prepares to set a great record by 2026 through artificial sun

The South Korean government plans to develop a technology for its first artificial sun ‘KSTAR’. According to ANI, preparations are being made to maintain a temperature of 100 million degrees for 300 seconds. 300 seconds is the minimum time required to commercialize nuclear fusion technology. The Ministry of Science and ICT announced on December 30 that it organized the 16th National Fusion Committee at the Korean Institute of Fusion Energy. During this period, the ‘Fourth Basic Plan for the Development of Nuclear Fusion Energy (2022-2026)’ was finalized. The Ministry of Science sets goals for its nuclear fusion energy development policies every 5 years.

South Korea prepares to set a great record by 2026 through artificial sun

Under the plan, the ministry will continue to improve operational technology in the KSTAR experiment area. It has shown good results in the past. For example, this year an ultra-high temperature of 100 million degrees was maintained for 30 seconds. Now, by 2026, such technology will be developed, which can maintain this temperature for 300 seconds.

Nuclear fusion is the basic principle of artificial sunlight and heat generation. The government aims to generate electricity by artificially applying this principle on Earth with KSTAR. For the first time in 2018, the Korean research team held KSTAR at 100 million degrees for 1.5 seconds. Last year it was held at 100 million degrees for 20 seconds and this year for 30 seconds.

The government also established the basic concepts of generating electricity through nuclear fusion in the future. Along with this, a plan was also presented to prepare an ‘R&D roadmap’ including the required network by 2030.

It is significant that China is also working to make an artificial sun. China’s Advanced Superconducting Experimental Tokamak (EAST) set a new record this year. According to the experiment, a plasma temperature of 216 million degrees Fahrenheit, that is, 120 million degrees Celsius, was maintained for 101 seconds. In addition, scientists working in the “artificial sun” were able to maintain a temperature of 288 million Fahrenheit (160 million degrees Celsius) for 20 seconds.

The Tokamak device, located at the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Plasma Physics (ASIPP) in Hefei, is designed to reproduce the process of nuclear fusion. The same process occurs in the Sun and also in other stars, generating heat and light. This experiment was conducted to provide unlimited clean energy through controlled nuclear fusion. The previous record of holding 180 million Fahrenheit (100 million Celsius) for 100 seconds has now been broken. This is a big step towards working with nuclear fusion.

Both Corona and China aim to meet their future energy needs through the artificial sun.

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