Mars or Red Velvet Cake, the European Space Agency showed a great image of Mars

The planet Mars has long been an enigma for astronomers. Recently, the European Space Agency (ESA) has published an image. Shows the area around Mars. The image was captured by Trace Gas Orbiter (TGO). In this, the planet Mars looks very beautiful, as if a cake has been decorated. ESA has said that this image shows Mars as a “rich red velvet cake” with powdered sugar sprinkled on it.

Mars or Red Velvet Cake

But how is this white color like powdered sugar and where does it come from? The ESA has said that this color is due to water and ice. At the same time, the red color is visible due to the rusty Martian soil. this picture In it you can also see a 4 km wide crater. According to ESA, this crater is located in the Vasitas Borealis region, which is a flat area near the north pole of Mars. The joint TGO mission of ESA and the Russian space agency Roscosmos took this photo in July last year.

ESA said that the crater seen in the image is filled with ice. The sun is visible for a very short time in this area throughout the year. According to the space agency, the dark area around the edge seen in the photo may be made of volcanic material such as basalt.

European and Russian space agencies have sent orbiters to Mars under the ExoMars program. It will also send a rover to Mars later this year. TGO is studying the atmospheric gases of this planet. Along with this, they are looking for water resources around the surface of Mars. Recently, scientists also got to know a large amount of “hidden water” on Mars. This ‘water’ is below the surface of a valley.

The orbiter began its search in 2018, two years after reaching Mars. It will also serve to provide data relay services for the second ExoMars mission to Mars in 2023.


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