Google now fined Rs 1265 crore in France, the action also on Facebook


French data privacy regulator CNIL has fined Google a record 150 million euros (around Rs 1265 million rupees). Google is alleged to have made it difficult for Internet users to reject cookies. CNIL has said that Meta Platforms’ Facebook was also fined 60 million euros (approximately Rs 505 million rupees) for the same reason. The watchdog said in a statement, citing Google’s video streaming platform, “CNIL found that, and do not allow cookies to be rejected as easily as possible.”

Google now fined Rs 1265 crore in France

According to a Reuters report, the authority has given the two companies three months to carry out their orders. Delay in this could lead to an additional fine of EUR 100,000 (approximately Rs 85 crore) per day. According to the orders, Google and Facebook will have to provide French Internet users with simple tools to reject cookies. CNIL said that Google and Facebook provided a virtual button to allow immediate approval of cookies, but there was no virtual button to reject cookies.

A Google spokesperson said that people trust us to respect and protect their right to privacy. We consider it our responsibility to protect that trust. We are committed to working with the CNIL as part of this decision. Facebook has not yet responded to the problem.

In recent times, Google has faced fines from many countries. Recently, the company was also heavily fined in Russia. A Moscow court has said it is fining Google 7.2 billion rubles (about 735 million rupees) for failing to remove illegal content. This is the first major income-based fine of its kind in Russia. In a campaign this year, Russia has increased the pressure on big business. This is seen as an attempt by Russia to tighten control of the Internet. Critics say it threatens personal and corporate freedoms. Facebook also paid 17 million rubles (about 1.73 million rupees) in fines to Russia. The fine was imposed on the company for not removing illegal content in Russia.

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