Colloidal Solution

Are you aware of the Colloidal Solution? Well, many of us do not know most of the Colloidal Solutions. Hence, in this blog, we have listed out all the Colloidal Solutions in 2021.

In most of the government entrance examinations like RRB (Railway Recruitment Board), SSC (Staff Selection Commission), BPSC, CTET, Indian Army, and many other competitive exams there is a separate section called General Awareness or General Knowledge, General Science in which there are questions asked regarding Uses of Colloidal Solution. So, to ease out your preparation we have explained in detail the list of important Uses of Some Colloidal Solutions.

Along with general knowledge, General Science staying updated with Daily Current affairs is also important. Go through the blog to know all the Colloidal Solutions.

Colloidal Solution

  • These are heterogeneous mixtures.
  • The blue colour of the sky is also due to the scattering of light by dust particles suspended in air.
  • Alum is used to purify water as it coagulated (settle down) the impurities present in the water.
  • FeCl3 is used to stop bleeding as it coagulated the blood.
  • Reverse osmosis is used for the desalination of sea water.
  • They are separated by special techniques like centrifugation.
  • Colloidal solutions are coagulated by adding an electrolyte.
  • Colloidal solutions are purified by dialysis, which is also used in the purification of blood with the help of an artificial kidney machine.
  • These can scatter light because of the presence of large solute particles, i.e., they show Tyndall’s effect and Brownian movement.
Dispersed PhaseDispersion MediumType of colloidExamples
LiquidGasAerosolFog, Clouds, Mist
SolidGasAerosol (Solid)Smoke, Automobile exhaust
GasLiquidFoamShaving cream
LiquidLiquidEmulsionMilk, Face-Cream
SolidLiquidSolMilk of magnesia, Mud
GasSolidFoamFoam, Rubber, Sponge, Pumice
LiquidSolidGelJelly, Cheese, Butter
SolidSolidSolid solColoured gemstone, Milky glass

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