These two astronauts were selected for NASA’s Crew 6 mission, launching in 2023

The US space agency NASA has selected two astronauts Stephen Bowen and Woody Hoberg for the SpaceX Crew 6 mission that will launch in 2023. They will be launched by SpaceX to the International Space Station (ISS). Stephen Bowen will be the commander of the spaceship and Woody Hoberg will be its pilot. NASA has said that two more astronauts will be selected in the coming days. The mission will launch from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida, USA The four crew members will join an expeditionary crew on the ISS in the Low Earth Orbit.

2 astronauts were selected for NASA’s Crew 6 mission

from nasa according toThis will be Stephen Bowen’s fourth trip into space. In his seven spacewalks, he has been in space for more than 40 days. Your first long trip to the International Space Station will be Crew-6. Born in Cohasset, Massachusetts, USA, Bowen earned a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from the US Naval Academy in Maryland. In July 2000, he was selected by NASA as an astronaut. Before that, Bowen was a submarine officer.

At the same time, this will be the first visit for Woody Hoberg, who was elected NASA astronaut in 2017. Before being selected as an astronaut, Hoberg was an assistant professor at MIT. He taught Aeronautics and Astronautics. According to NASA, Woody Hoberg is also a commercial pilot. He is one of 18 astronauts on NASA’s “Artemis Team”. NASA will send some of these passengers to land again on the lunar surface in the near future.

SpaceX is proving to be NASA’s trusted private partner for transporting astronauts. Commercial companies load transportation services into low Earth orbit so NASA can use its resources to design future missions.

Speaking of recent missions, NASA has once again extended the scheduled launch of its Artemis 1 lunar mission by one month. The space agency was aiming to launch the mission on February 12, 2022, but problems with the Integrated Testing Program have forced NASA to push back the schedule. NASA has said that it is now considering launching the mission in March and April. The Artemis program aims to return astronauts to the lunar surface by the end of this decade.

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