Apple iOS device may fail, this error may become a problem


Apple iOS device may fail an error has been detected that causes problems for Apple devices. This disclosure has been made by a security researcher. Based on this, a Home Kit vulnerability (bug) can cause Apple’s iOS-based devices to freeze, crash, and become unusable. All versions of iOS that start with iOS 14.7 have this problem. IPhone users with the latest version of iOS can also be affected by denial of service vulnerabilities. Apple is said to be aware of the matter and has reportedly called for a quick fix. However, the problem has not yet been fixed.

Apple iOS device may fail.

Apple iOS device may fail, Security Researcher Trevor Spiniolas Discusses Home Kit Vulnerability He said It is. Apple was informed about this on August 10 of last year. The researcher has explained that the attacker can take advantage of this bug. It can cause freeze and lock cycles when connecting a user’s iPhone or iPad to a HomeKit device. It is said that due to this problem, the iOS device stops responding after reading the device name. The researchers also found that Apple stores the names of connected HomeKit devices in iCloud, so this problem persists.

The researcher said that after restoring the device, even if the user logs into the previously used iCloud, the Home app will not be able to be used. Spiniolas has made a video to explain how this error shows its effect even after restoring iPhone.

To avoid this vulnerability, users can decline random invitations from HomeKit devices on their iPhone and iPad. Users who are already using a smart home device can disable the Show Home Controls setting by going to the Control Center.

The users who have been attacked have also been advised by the investigator. Consequently, users can restore their device to solve the problem. Also, you can set it up as normal without signing into your iCloud account. Spiniolas said it notified Apple of the bug in August last year, but the company has yet to fix it.


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