100 History Question asked in RRB NTPC, Group D

History Question asked in RRB NTPC, Group D
History Question asked in RRB NTPC, Group D

Are you aware of the History Question? Well, many of us do not know most of the 100 History Question asked in RRB NTPC, Group D. Hence, in this blog, we have listed out all the 100 History Question asked in RRB NTPC, Group D in 2021 with Free PDF Download.

In most of the government entrance examinations like RRB (Railway Recruitment Board), SSC (Staff Selection Commission), BPSC, CTET, Indian Army, CGL, CPO, Police, Indian Navy, CGL, CPO, Police, Indian Navy and many other competitive exams there is a separate section called General Awareness or General Knowledge, General Science in which there are questions asked regarding 100 History Question asked in RRB NTPC, Group D. So, to ease out your preparation we have explained in detail the list of important 100 History Question asked in RRB NTPC, Group D.

Along with general knowledge, General Science staying updated with Daily Current affairs is also important. Go through the blog to know all the 100 History Question asked in RRB NTPC, Group D.

History Question asked in RRB NTPC, Group D

1. Who had started the Chipko movement in India? [RRC Group D 2016] 

Ans. Sunderlal Bahuguna in 1973 (in Uttarakhand)

2. Who was the court scholar of Mahmud of Ghazni? [NTPC CBT-1 2020] 

Ans. Al Beruni (Famous Book — Kitab ul Hind)

3. In whose reign, Gautam Buddha was termed as ‘Lord’? [NTPC CBT-2 2016] 

Ans. King Ashoka [Kalinga War in 261 BC]

4. Who established ‘Idol Worship’ in India? [NTPC CBT-1 2016] 

Ans. Buddha Religion [Founder — Gautam Buddha]

5. In whose time period, ‘Nalanda University’ was found? [NTPC CBT-2 2016] 

Ans. Gupta Dynasty [Established by Kumar Gupta]

6. Which is the 1st University of the World? [RRC Group D 2016] 

Ans. Taxila University [Est. by Chandragupta Maurya]

7. Who destroyed Nalanda University in 1200AD? [NTPC CBT-1 2020] 

Ans. Bakhtiyar Khilji [under Slave Dynasty]

8. Who is the 1st Tirthankara of Jain Religion? [RRC Group D 2016] 

Ans. Rishabh Dev

9. Who is the last and 24th Tirthankara of Jain Religion? [RRC Group D 2016] 

Ans. Mahaveer Swami

10. Who was the 23rd Tirthankara of Jain Religion? [NTPC CBT-1 2016] 

Ans. Parsvanatha  

11. Who was the 1st disciple of Lord Mahaveer Swami? [NTPC CBT-1 2016]

Ans. Jamaali [Mahaveer Swami — Founder of Jainism]

12. Which holy place is for Jainism & Buddhism both? [NTPC CBT-1 2016] 

Ans. Kaushambi

13. What is the birthplace of Lord Mahaveer Swami? [NTPC CBT-1 2016] 

Ans. Ambaratej Singh, Vaishali [in 5998 CE]

14. What is the birthplace of Lord Gautam Buddha? [NTPC CBT-1 2016] 

Ans. Lumbini, Nepal [in 623 BCE]

15. Which metal was used by Humans firstly? [NTPC CBT-1 2016] 

Ans. Copper [Last metal to be used — lron]

16. The oldest coins were made of which metal in India? [NTPC CBT-2 2016] 

Ans. Copper Coins [Sher Shah  Suri —1st coin in Silveri]

17. What is the ancient name of Ujjain? [RRC Group D 2018] 

Ans. Avantika [Ujjain is on the banks of — Shipra River]

18. Paigambar Mohammad was born in which year? [NTPC CBT-1 2016] 

Ans. 571 AD

19. Who was the 1st one to declare Patliputra as its capital? [NTPC CBT-2 2016] 

Ans. Udayin [Patna is on the banks of — Ganga Rived]

20. Who was the last ruler of the Nanda Dynasty? [NTPC CBT-1 2020]

Ans. Dhana Nanda [Founder — Mahapadma Nanda]

21. Ajatshatru was the ruler of which dynasty? [NTPC CBT-1 2016] 

Ans. Haryanka Dynasty [Founder — Bimbisara]

22. The battle between Alexander and Porus was fought in? [NTPC CBT-2 2016] 

Ans. Battle of Hydapses — 326 BCE on Jhelum River

23. Which Dynasty was established while Alexander attack? [NTPC CBT-1 2016] 

Ans. Nanda Dynasty [in 326 BCE]

24. Who was the founder of the Mauryan Dynasty? [RRC Group D 2016]

Ans. Chandragupta Maurya  [Last King — Brihadratha] 

25. Who was the founder of the Shunga Dynasty? [NTPC CBT-2 2016] 

Ans. Pushyamitra Shunga [Last King — Devabhuti]

26. What was the childhood name of Chanakya? [NTPC CBT-1 2020] 

Ans. Vishnugupta [Other Name — Kautilya]

27. Who built India’s 1st Hospital & Ayurveda Garden? [RRC Group D 2016] 

Ans. Shushrut [Father of Indian Medicine — Shusruta]

28. Who was the 1st to decrypt Ashoka’s Inscriptions? [NTPC CBT-1 2016] 

Ans. James Princep [Kalinga War — 13th Rock Edict]

29. Who was the author of ‘Prithviraj Raso’? [RRC Group D 2016] 

Ans. Chand Bardai (1st Battle of Tarain — 1191 AD]

30. Who was the 1st Muslim attacker in India? [NTPC CBT-1 2020] 

Ans. Mohammad Bin Qasim [712 AD]

31. How many times had Mahmud Ghazni attacked India? [NTPC CBT-1 2016] 

Ans. 17 [1st Attack — 1000AD,  17th Attack — 1027AD]

32. What was the name of Prithviraj Chauhan’s mother? [NTPC CBT-1 2016] 

Ans. Karpoori [Father’s name — Someshwara]

33. In which battle Prithviraj Chauhan was defeated? [NTPC CBT-2 2016] 

Ans. 2nd Battle of Tarain in 1192 AD v/s Mohd Ghori

34. What was the real name of ‘Alauddin Khilji’? [RRC Group D 2018] 

Ans. All Gurshasp [also known  as Alexander of India]

35. Who was nicknamed as ‘Nazar Dinaari’ by AUK? [NTPC CBT-1 2020] 

Ans. Malik Kaafur [Military Commander of AUK]

36. Who established Agra city in 1504? [RRC Group D 2018] 

Ans. Sikandar Lodhi [Founder of Lodhi Dynasty: Bahlul]

37. Mahmud Ghazni attacked Somnath Temple in the year? [NTPC CBT-1 2016]

Ans. 1025 AD [16th Attack of Mahmud of Ghaznavid]

38. Which Sultan of Delhi established the Biswa System? 

Ans. Alauddin Khilji [lqta was launched by Iltutmish]

39. Who invited Babur to invade Ibrahim Lodhi? [RRC Group D 2016] 

Ans. Daulat Khan [1st Battle of Panipat — 1526AD]

40. Who introduced a silver coin named as “Tanka”? [NTPC CBT-2 2016] 

Ans. Iltutmish [Copper coin known as “Jital”]

41. Who is considered as the ‘Real Founder of Delhi’? [NTPC CBT-2 2016] 

Ans. Iltutmish [Founder of Delhi Sultanate — QU Aibak]

42. Who introduced the Indian currency “Rupaya”? [NTPC CBT-1 2016] 

Ans. Sher Shah Sun [Real Name — Farid Khan]

43. Farid Khan took the title of Sher Shah Suri in the year of? [NTPC CBT-1 2016] 

Ans. 1539 AD [After Battle of Chausa against Humayun]

44. Who introduced the measuring unit “Gaz-e-Sikandari”? [NTPC CBT-1 2016] 

Ans. Sikandar Lodhi [accepted title of “Shahi”]

45. Who was the 1st Afghan to rule in India? [RRC Group D 2020] 

Ans. Bahlul Lodhi [1st Afghan Dynasty — Lodhi Dynasty]

46. Which Sultan of Delhi established Sultan Ghari? [RRC Group D 2016] 

Ans. Iltutmish in Delhi

47. Who established “Chor Minar” in Hauz Khas, Delhi? [NTPC CBT-1 2016] 

Ans. Alauddin Khilji

48. Where and When was Jalaluddin Akbar born? [NTPC CBT-1 2016] 

Ans. Amarkot in 1542AD [Died in 1605 AD]

49. When and Where was Maharana Pratap born? [RRC Group D 2018] 

Ans. Kumbhalgarh Fort in 1540 AD

50. The biography “Humayunama” is written by? [NTPC CBT-2 2016]

Ans. Gulbadan Begum [sister of Humayun]

51. The autobiography of Babar was written in? [RRC Group D 2018] 

Ans. Chatagai Turkish [Babarnama]

52. Who translated “Babarnama” into the Persian language? [NTPC CBT-2 2016] 

Ans. Abdul Rahim Khan-i-Khana

53. During whose rule, was there a ‘Haram Government’? [NTPC CBT-1 2020] 

Ans. Akbar [during the time of 1560-1562]

54. What was the ancient name of Gujrat? [NTPC CBT-1 2020] 

Ans. Paatan  

55. Who was the 1st female ruler of the Delhi Sultanate? [NTPC CBT-2 2016] 

Ans. Razia Sultana [1st and last female ruler]

56. Who built the 1st mosque in India by Delhi Ruler? [NTPC CBT-1 2016] 

Ans. Qutubuddin Aibak [Name — Quwwat ul Islam]

57. Where is Moti Masjid situated and who built it? [NTPC CBT-1 2016] 

Ans. Shahjahan in Agra  

58. Who built ‘Adhai Din ka Jhopra’ and where is it? [RRC Group D 2016] 

Ans. Qutub ud din Aibak in Ajmer

59. Where is Humayun’s Tomb located? [NTPC CBT-1 2016]

Ans. New Delhi

60. Who started ‘Ibaadat Khana’ in 1575AD? [NTPC CBT-2 2016] 

Ans. Akbar [1st Ruler to make new religion —Din-i-llahi]

61. Who built lamaiyat Khana’ and where? [RRC Group D 2016] 

Ans. Alauddin Khilji in Delhi

62. Which Sultan of Delhi introduced the Navroz system? [NTPC CBT-1 2016] 

Ans. Ghiyasuddin Balban [also started Persian culture]

63. Which Sultan of Delhi started the Paibos & Sijda system? [NTPC CBT-1 2016] 

Ans. Ghiyasuddin Balban  

64. Which Sultan of Delhi started ‘Chahalgani’? [NTPC CBT-2 2016] 

Ans. Iltutmish [Chahalgani – A  group of 40 nobles]

65. Which Sultan of Delhi demolished ‘Chahalgani’? [NTPC CBT-1 2016] 

Ans. Ghiyasuddin Balban  

66. 1st Female Sultan of India married to whom? [NTPC CBT-1 2020] 

Ans. Altunia [Ruler of Bhatinda]

67. Who was the founder of the Delhi Sultanate in India? [NTPC CBT-1 2016] 

Ans. Qutubuddin Aibak [Title — Laakhbaksh]

68. The Battle of Halighati was fought between whom? [NTPC CBT-1 2016]

Ans. Akbar v/s Maharana Pratap in 1576AD

69. The 2nd Battle of Panipat was fought between whom? [NTPC CBT-2 2016] 

Ans. Akbar v/s Hemu in 1556AD

70. Who was the Military commander of Akbar? [NTPC CBT-1 2016] 

Ans. Bairam Khan  

71. Who was the only Mughal Ruler to lost in a battle? [RRC Group D 2016] 

Ans. Humayun [in Battle of Chausa in 1539AD]

72. Who wrote poetries with the name ‘Gulrukhi’? [NTPC CBT-1 2020] 

Ans. Sikandar Lodhi

73. Which Emperor banned Tobacco in their province? [NTPC CBT-1 2016] 

Ans. Jahangir [Aurangzeb banned Alcohol]

74. Which emperor banned music in their court? [NTPC CBT-1 2016] 

Ans. Aurangzeb [though he was a good Veena player]

75. Which Mughal Emperor built Peacock Throne? [NTPC CBT-1 2016] 

Ans. Shahjahan [Nadir Shah looted the throne to Turkey]

76. Which emperor was known as ‘King of Justice’? [NTPC CBT-1 2020] 

Ans. Jahangir

77. Which place is known as the ‘Black Taj Mahal’? [NTPC CBT-2 2016]

Ans. Bibi ka Maqbara [in Aurangabad]

78. Who imposed Jiziya Tax that was abolished by Akbar? [NTPC CBT-1 2016] 

Ans. Aurangzeb  

79. Which Delhi Dynasty ruled for the least time in India? [RRC Group D 2018] 

Ans. Khilji Dynasty [1296-1316 AD]

80. Which Mughal Emperor abolished the ‘Pilgrim Tax’? [NTPC CBT-1 2016] 

Ans. Akbar [Built Buland Darwaza in 1602AD]

81. Who built GT Road and what was the real name of it? [RRC Group D 2018] 

Ans. Sadak-e-Azam by Sher Shar Suri

82. Jajiya Tax on Brahmins was re-imposed by? [RRC Group D 2020] 

Ans. Aurangzeb  

83. When did Jallianwala Bagh Tragedy took place? [NTPC CBT-2 2016] 

Ans. 13th April 1919 [After the Rowlatt Act, 1919]

84. Who was the founder of Azad Hind Fauz? 

Ans. Ras Bihari Bose [Real Founder — SC Bose]

85. Who was present in all 3 Round Table Conferences? [RRC Group D 2020] 

Ans. Dr. BR Ambedkar [signed Poona Pact with Gandhi]

86. When was Muslim League found and where? [NTPC CBT-2 2016]

Ans. 30 December 1906, Dhaka, Bangladesh

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